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Preserve Your Assets and Drastically Reduce or Eliminate Nursing Home Cost

Imagine you and your neighbor have very similar circumstances.  Both of you are married, both had 2 kids, both of you worked for the same employer, and you both had the same income, the same raises, and made the same amount of money for all your working years.  The difference: You scrimped and saved and your neighbor never saved a dime.  He just spent and spent.

Now, both of you are in a nursing home and need long-term care.  You have $300,000 in cash plus your home.  Your neighbor has essentially nothing.  Your neighbor’s wife makes an application for Medi-Cal and her husband is easily approved because they have little or nothing.  Your wife does the same, but, your application for Medi-Cal is denied because you have too many assets.  How fair is that?

Fortunately, a close friend told your wife about Packard Senior Services. We helped her preserve all your assets. We made the application for Medi-Cal and shortly received approval, drastically reducing your monthly nursing home bill.  We also protected the house from Medi-Cal estate recovery leaving the bulk of your estate for your children and not the State.

For over 25 years, Packard Senior Services has been helping families just like yours arrange their finances so they can receive Medi-Cal Long-Term Care benefits.  Give us a call.  Phone calls are free.  We will discuss your situation in detail and how Medi-Cal approval can happen for you. 

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