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Get Expert Help and Rid Yourself

of the Medi-Cal Application

Headaches and Worries

You would think that making a Medi-Cal Long-Term Care application would be fairly straight forward and simple. A few YouTube videos and searches on the internet and you should be good to go. Right?

The reality of it is there is not much help on the internet and the application and eligibility requirements are not so simple and straight forward.  The initial application is not too bad, but the 15 or more forms that follow are overwhelming, each county requiring different variations of some forms.  Then there are the verifications you need to provide of identity, income, assets, trusts, exempt and non-exempt transfers, etc.,  long lines to stand in, and repeated notices of action, some for programs for which you did not know you applied.

Not even the eligibility worker on the Medi-Cal application is going to give you advice on how to arrange your assets to qualify.  In fact, they are precluded  from giving any financial advice.  They are only allowed to tell you to spend down your assets. 

Once you have made your applications, facing an eligibility worker with no knowledge of the rules and regulations for Medi-Cal is like facing the IRS alone.  Do you really want to take that kind of risk?  If you make a mistake it can cost you up to $8000.00 per month or more.  That is a risk not worth taking!  Proper planning not only preserves assets but it assures approval.

At Packard Senior Services we have been assisting clients with Medi-Cal approval for over 20 years.  Danny and I are Investment Advisor Representatives, properly licensed to discuss your investment holdings with a fiduciary responsibility to do what is right for you. We have the knowledge and experience to help you save thousands of dollars in nursing home costs through proper Medi-Cal planning.  We become your representative and advocate throughout the Medi-Cal process.  You will not have to fill out confusing applications, decipher erroneous notices of actions, or stand in long lines at the Social Service office.  100% of our clients have been approved for Medi-Cal and we guarantee results!

Call us at Packard Senior Services today and rid yourself of the Medi-Cal application headaches and worries.  Know that you will get approved .  Free yourself to spend the time you need with your family when they need you the most.  We can save you time, reduce stress, and save you thousands of dollars.

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